My Purple Heart Is Made of All Seven of Us…



Heidelberg was a castle when I first got here

Butterflies in my stomach, owls in my hair

I met them in department halls

Blondes and brunettes, they were the prettiest dolls

Didem was so exotic and I was too thin

Bella was comfortable in her creamy skin

Elisa loved poems, her blue eyes sparkled with art

Valentina’s curls bounced, she was way too smart

Sandra’s heart was as clear as her glance

Krisi was there for us at any chance

This town was just too small for all of us

Loud laughter and giggles, making people cuss

Cocktails, parties and red lipstick

Short dresses, high heels, oh so chic

Dancing in bars till the sun came up

Strangers handing us apple schnapps

Red wine on our dresses, scars on our hearts

Guys bombing our love with painful darts

We were all in love and we all got burned

There was always a bleeding heart left to mend

He said he loved my smile, it was never fake

I believed him and that was my first mistake

And when my heart was smashed for the millionth time

They were all there singing me a comforting rhyme

Didem dried the tears rolling down my eyes

And sighed “Nila, I just don’t get these guys”

“Di, I really hope he dies…”


My little purple heart is made of the seven of us

And Heidelberg means nothing without their smiles


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