“Fare Thee Well” She Never Whispered…

Hauptstrasse, Heidelberg, September, 2013

After reading a Persian piece, I was inspired to attempt at a liberal translation of it… What started off as a translation, managed to get a mind of its own…

Goodbye needs no drum-roll,

not a reason,

nor a souvenir,

a kiss,

a curse,

or tears,

Goodbye needs no words…

Goodbye is

stepping out that door

and fading…

ever so slowly

from the humdrum of his mindless games…

And as he stands watching you leave,

blinking in disbelief,

he’ll doubt you ever existed…

he’ll question his sanity

his memories…

Goodbye is

turning the clock around

to a time prefacing the first glimpse of his face,

and after memorizing every green strand in his sepia eyes

smiling away…

walking away…

For goodbye needs no farewell..



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