A Delicious Collaboration (On Under the Indigo Dome)


I have some toothsome news. My fellow blogger, Niusha, and I have decided to collaborate on a little project we came up with while getting excited by the events that will happen in the next three weeks. Nowruz, the Persian New Year, is just around the corner. In exactly one week, we will bid farewell to winter and welcome spring on the Vernal Equinox. This being a rather big deal for Persians around the world, (I personally love it more than my own birthday, and I have mine on Christmas), we thought we would share the details about the events taking taking place in the majority of Pesian households.
Niusha, a culinary creative writer with a gift for developing feasts from recipes and a love for feeding those around her, will provide our readers with recipes and instructions for what is eaten and drunk in each event. I will dedicate the next few entries to giving descriptions of cultural and histroical backstories of said events, sometimes throwing in a story or two, a habit you may have depicted in my narratives.

 (The collaboration series will be published on my website, Under the Indigo Dome)

Niusha and I met a decade ago, in the halls of a university in Tehran where we were both completing a degree in English literary studies. After graduating, she moved to the States, I moved to Germany yet we never lost touch.

We now both enjoy spending our time writing about our favourite things; food and culture… Two concepts tightly interwoven with each other.

Saffron Spoon; Recipes and Narratives by Niusha Shodja
Niusha, a Persian living in the North West Pacific, with her Italian husband, knows a thing or two about food. She knows her Persian cuisine well. She knows the Italian cuisine well, as well. And manages to find new  and easy ways to cook her favourite dishes in a land far, far away from home where finding every day Persian ingredients is more of a challenge than a chore. Having the universality of her readership in mind, Saffron Spoon facilitates the recipes, giving food loving readers around the world something new with what they can find in their local supermarket.

So here’s to three weeks of blooms to feast your eyes on, food to satisfy your taste buds, and stories from a Persian land… For what is a culture without food? And what would have become of the Persian culture had it not had its cuisine…


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