About Moi

On Juliet's Balcony I Shall StandTea drinker with a sweet tooth. Dress wearing, summer loving, Christmas baby. Detail obsessed story-maker. Songstress. Tale weaver. Short story devourer. Passionate Vernal Equinox celebrator. Strictly brunette with a scarlet smile.

I like unedited photos. Fashion that represents Bohos. Cooking for two. Preparing tea for a few. Details, words and mythical creatures. Faces with distinguished features. I like clouds and where rainbows end. That excitement you have after writing him a message before you hit send. I love candles, pebbles and incense. I like giraffes, butterflies, owls and purpleness. Summertime just brings me pure happiness. I enjoy bike rides that leave my legs tense. I like rings, earrings, bangles and hats. Balcony sessions and sleeping on yoga mats. I love folk music and private gigs. Disney movies still make me tick. I love pomegranates and orange juice. Ice cream, dark cocoa and chocolate mousse. I like writing songs and humming tunes. Water is my element, Saturn is my planet and I love a half moon.

Writing and photography are my passions and what you’ve stepped into is my Purple Sessions…


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