Sex and the City; a Modern Day Twist to Pride and Prejudice

I must admit, it wasn’t my first time attempting at watching the series. I had caught glimpses of Carrie’s monologues while back in Iran at my parents’ place where they own a TV set up to satellite that still broadcasts episodes of Friends. More than once had I heard her rants on what relationships, as I was preparing a salad or marinating my fried with mayo … Continue reading Sex and the City; a Modern Day Twist to Pride and Prejudice

“Aint No Party Like an SAP Party”

(Initially published in the SAP Community Network) And So It Starts Monday afternoon, 10th of March 2014, saw tens of students from all over the world pour in Bed n Budget, a hostel not too far from the Hanover fair grounds. Boys and girls wheeled their carry-ons in the reception area, some with tired faces from long plane flights and longer train rides, but most … Continue reading “Aint No Party Like an SAP Party”

To Iran with Love…

When it comes to politics and culture, there are few things that rank higher on my passion list. I pulled a CNN all-nighter back in November when America had its elections, knowing my anxiety and excitement came from the realization that America’s next president could influence Iran’s fate tremendously. You could imagine my anxiety when the calender struck 14th of June and people were summoned … Continue reading To Iran with Love…

“With Flaming Locks of Ebony Hair”

When it came to taking care of our bodies my parents were extremely strict. Home-made food was the only food on our table. Very rarely would we go out to eat for my parents believed that anything served outdoors can cause morbid diseases. Crisps were considered a taboo and buying them would cost us an entire week’s pocket money. Cola was only purchased when we … Continue reading “With Flaming Locks of Ebony Hair”