“K” is for Karneval… And Köln

Come this April and I have been living in Germany for four years. I would say I have integrated well (though the language is still my White Demon which I need to conquer) and having a half-German boyfriend has fed me details of the culture. Especially if said boyfriend is from Cologne. You see, legend has it that the Germans  from Cologne are the friendliest of them all. And … Continue reading “K” is for Karneval… And Köln

A Christmas Dip

I spent the Christmas holidays in Köln, home to one of the most beautiful architectural wonders, the Kölner Dom, and my man. I had not celebrated a German Christmas before and although I knew what to expect, I was overwhelmed with surprise after surprise, of the good kind. I am a Christmas baby and the mere thought of spending my birthday in Germany sends chills … Continue reading A Christmas Dip

Winter Wonderland; German Christmas Markets

I wasn’t born in a Christian family, yet Christmas has been special to us for two reasons. We moved to England when I was barely 7 and being lucky enough to have parents that embraced other religions and customs, we decorated Christmas trees, hung stockings and received gifts. This never took away from the excitement and delight of our Persian New Year’s celebration- Nowruz- a … Continue reading Winter Wonderland; German Christmas Markets

Road Trip Diaries: Venice; That Indigo Floating Land…

Our road trip did not end with a wedding. It ended with a second wedding, in Dresden, leaving us a good 4 days in between to explore Northern Italy. And so we did… I must admit, Italy left me disappointed. I had listened to people rave about the nature, the food and the architecture. And although all of those factors were pretty amazing, I had higher … Continue reading Road Trip Diaries: Venice; That Indigo Floating Land…

Thessaloniki; a Grecian La-La-Land

“Because every Persian should see Greece” was how I constantly found myself responding to the question, “why Greece?” I first got familiar with Thessaloniki when I met Apollo. Back then I could not even pronounce the name of the city. It had too many consonants for my mouth. Yet I had two postcards bearing the simple sentence of “live your myth in Greece” pasted on my … Continue reading Thessaloniki; a Grecian La-La-Land