Thessaloniki; a Grecian La-La-Land

“Because every Persian should see Greece” was how I constantly found myself responding to the question, “why Greece?” I first got familiar with Thessaloniki when I met Apollo. Back then I could not even pronounce the name of the city. It had too many consonants for my mouth. Yet I had two postcards bearing the simple sentence of “live your myth in Greece” pasted on my … Continue reading Thessaloniki; a Grecian La-La-Land

Fußball? It Is The Culture

I never participated in anything football-related. I attempted to understand it; went to the extent of reading an entire book on the basis of football’s place in popular culture and the athletic world. The facts were there. There was evidence, yet I still didn’t feel it. And then I moved to Germany. My second summer in the south of Deutschland hosted the UEFA Euro 2012 championships. I knew … Continue reading Fußball? It Is The Culture